We are a small intimate company and we make it our goal to build person relationships with all of our clients.  We are committed to optimise every transaction that we enter into, irrespective of the size thereof. Personal attention to the needs of our client is the key to our success.

  • Madeleine Kooy
    Madeleine Kooy

    Mobile: +32 (0) 485 03 07 66

    Many years of experience since 1978, with more than 400 sale and purchase transactions concluded. Is one of the few sworn shipbrokers by the Court of Rotterdam since 1998. Madeleine co-founded Adrem Shipbrokers in September, 2013.

  • Dyanne Thorn Leeson
    Dyanne Thorn Leeson

    Mobile: +32 (0) 484 90 61 51

    Joined the ship sales arena in June 2008. Has an international background in sales, marketing and business development, complemented by a Masters degree (MBA), specialising in sales and key account management at Business School Netherlands.  Dyanne co-founded Adrem Shipbrokers in September, 2013.

Selling ships is not our job it’s our passion!

We have combined forces to enjoy our daily practice of ship sales, caring for our clients’ objectives and are enthusiastically persistent about it every day!

We are here to:

  • Make a positive difference and to add value to every step of buying or selling a vessel.
  • Excel in assisting you to obtain the right buyer or right ship for your needs.
  • Reduce your risks and/or increase profits.
  • Optimize your fleet and increase your competitive advantage.
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